Article Summit VS Ravenwood

This game was the Elite Eight mid-state game of the week and if you wanted to be at a game this was the one to be at.  The Titans Mascot made an appearance and a couple of the cheerleaders as well.  From the jump of the game, Ravenwood came out and scored quickly.  Summit responded while each team exchanged scores through the first quarter, making this game a close one.

The second quarter started, and Summit took off and didn’t look back, scoring at will and letting the Raptors know that this is their house, and they are going to keep their streak going.  Ravenwood with about two minutes left in the game scored but it just wasn’t enough to win past this running Summit football team.  The Spartans had over 400 yards rushing tonight and stayed first in the region.

The Ravenwood Quarterback Chris Parson went 12/20 for 131 yards and three touchdowns.  The Summit Quarterback had 22 carries for 264 yards and three touchdowns. 

The Summit Quarterback Destin Wade Said, “how this community showed up and that this is a great atmosphere for a game I’m Glad we got the dub too.  It was a lot of things I am so happy our team fought hard for that one and that it was a great experience for sure.

Summit’s Record is now (7-0), and they will play Independence next week at home next Friday while (5-2) Ravenwood will play Centennial at home next week.