The second round of the playoffs is over, and it was a close game until the second half.  This match-up at Beech High School started off slow for both teams until Buccaneers Quarterback Xaviere Jones turn on beast mode and didn’t let up.  Beech scored eight points the entire first half and going into halftime it didn’t look like either team was going to pull away.  The second half started, and the Buccaneers started to run the ball to well, four of their five scores were rushing touchdowns.  Beech spreaded the ball around well, four different players scored.  The Buccaneers didn’t let up all game, their defense played a great role also with rarely allowing the Buros to get pasted mid-field.  Hillsboro goes home and Beech will play Summit in the third round; it will be a home game.

            Beech had all the game highlights, The buccaneers Quarterback Xaviere Jones was 3\7 for 47 yards and one receiving touchdown.  Tysean Jefferson had 21 carries for 173 yards and one touchdown while Andrew Paige had 27 yards and zero touchdowns.

            Beech’s Jones said,” We played these guys a few weeks back and their a great team, Hillsboro has a lot of great athletes and great coaching staff.  You know when we were able to just come out and just dominate, we started off a little slow on offense but we picked it up, defense did their job and they didn’t score and that’s a great job.  I am so proud of these guys, we go one more game next week and then two more after that.