Today we change courses a little and change from the Spotlight “Player” of the week to the Spotlight “Person” of the week. It takes a whole lot more than just the coaches and players to make a “TEAM” as everyone knows. Today the spotlight is on a dear friend, person and athletic trainer, Chris Snoddy, who passed away this last week. Below is a touching and heart felt tribute to this great man by JP McCarley a longtime assistant at Goodpasture Christian School. It could not have been said better.

21 years I spent on a Goodpasture sideline. I made so many lifelong relationships.
Along with those relationships are special memories of special people. A lot of people have made
Goodpasture Christian School a special place. A place that is family no matter how long you’ve been gone.

Chris Snoddy was Goodpasture!! He made that place what it is today. He helped build that field house and
make that training room what they are. He cared for the institution, he cared for the coaches,
he cared for the teachers and administration, he cared for the parents and most importantly he cared for the kids.

He was a care taker! I was allowed for 21 years to help Snoddy every time we had a kid get hurt.
21 years of broken bones, concussions, sprained ankles and lots of cramps. Sometimes it was just
Snoddy and me and whatever kid was hurt. Sometimes those meetings were serious and sometimes Snoddy
would tell a joke but he would always assure every kid they would be ok. Before leaving the field
house before each game or at the end of halftime or at the end of a Friday night, David Martin would
always ask “Mr. Snoddy will you secure the building?” Chris was always the last one out.
Snoddy would say “Yes Sir!!!” It was their thing. It was their tradition.

This earth, Goodpasture and Goodpasture athletics lost the best.

Heaven gained the best Athletic Trainer to ever do it!!

“Mr. Snoddy, Will you secure the building?!”