Press Release 12/1/2022

The time has finally arrived and though way overdue, we are thrilled to announce the production of a brand-new statewide radio show; PREP WEEKLY- THE GIRLS!!!! The fastest growing segment in sports worldwide is the women and we will enter the market as the first show of its kind in America.

Tennessee has long been a hot bed for women’s sports not only locally but nationally and internationally with women like Wilma Rudolph (Track), Pat Summit Basketball) and Tracy Caulkins (Swimming) being forerunners in women’s sports along with many others. It is time the ladies got their dues, and we plan on being the leaders in coverage of our young ladies

Former Cal Fullerton and Maryland head basketball coach Daron Park will host the show and we are so excited to have someone with his passion, experience of love of women’s sports on our team.

Our first show will be the week of December 12th and the show will run through Spring Fling. We are accepting sponsorships right now so if you know of any companies that want to support our girls have them contact me at:

We will be sharing more information in the following weeks. It’s A Whole New Ballgame!