It seems almost impossible but there have been some real surprises through 2 rounds of the playoffs. Perennial powers Munford, Farragut, Dobyns Bennet, Upperman, Sone memorial, Marshall County, Melrose and others are out of the playoffs. Upsets are one thing but entire regions biting the dust is something else.

The top two shockers to us are certainly Division 1 6A Region 7 and Division ll Class AAA West. Region 7 AAA is made up of teams from Williamson County which has made a habit of having teams advancing deep into the playoffs and eventually to the championship games. They have owned the West Tennessee teams as of late. Not so quick my friend.

This year Region 8 6A won three out of four first round games and then Bartlett took Brentwood to the wood pile in the second round. Not one quarterfinal team from Williamson County is left. Did they take a step back or did the Memphis teams take a step forward? The answer is yes and yes. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen but it looks like Memphis is back and Williamson County has some work to do. Time will tell.

The other big surprise was Division ll Class AAA West. Here the normally powerful Memphis schools were a step behind all year and no team made it out of the second round. Now East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee teams were super good this year, but next year Lipscomb moves up to AAA. Let’s review where we are at the end of next year. Is this trend or a one off? Time will tell.