Disaster in Nashville and Memphis: When Politics Destroy Dreams

It is time to speak the truth. When partisan political decisions start adversely affecting our kids’ lives; WE HAVE A PROBLEM! As kids from all over the state (team members, cheerleaders, band members and parents) enjoy the fruits of their hard work, two cities, Nashville, and Memphis, ran by Mayors who refuse to let our children play. And why? Politics.

They claim a pandemic, Covid-19) saying we should be locked up and totally non-social. For weeks kids, coaches and others have been practicing, sweating, and playing games effectively without adverse effects. Yet in Nashville and Memphis they sit waiting for an election to pass so they can destroy someone they hate and to heck with the people. Don’t think so? While they tout the number of new cases based on a massive increase of new tests (which are also going down rapidly) but they don’t tell you the true numbers. If you are under 45 years of age you probably have a better chance of dying by lightning strike than by this disease. If you old like me, stay at home if you choose. There are hundreds of open covid-19 beds in this state empty. But no one mentions that.

This week the University of Alabama released startling new numbers. Since school opened the testing has revealed that over 1,000 new cases have been reported. Know how many have required hospitalization? Think again. ZERO! Yes, people will be hospitalized. Yes, a very small number might lose their lives, but probably more would die in car accidents on Friday night if they weren’t playing.

It is time to set our children free in Nashville and Memphis. Shame on you for your hypocrisy. Parents’ If you are concerned, your child doesn’t have to participate. But don’t mandate that others can’t play because you are scarred is wrong. We can no longer walk around like we are afraid of every boogie man out there. Change your mind Nashville and Memphis before it’s too late for our kids.

Phil Eakes